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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Within the Shadows

Within The Shadows (Shadow World, #1)Within The Shadows by Julieanne Lynch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is in the air for me. There were many parts of it that I liked but there were also many parts that I did not like.
I liked the idea behind the book, that there are multiple types of Vampires in the world. That there are those that are humans who were turned, there are those who were born with a Vampire “gene” I think it said, and then a new breed that is the focus of this novel. At least for me this is a little different and gives life, pun intended, to a genre that is starting to get very stale very fast. Probably the best part about this is that the new breed is a group of vampires that maintain their soul, so they are in a sense humans with vampire powers and curses, and they must feed on not only the blood of a victim but also the soul, which is a new concept for me. I found the writing was very good, the action flowed from one event to another quickly and keep the reader guessing as to what was going to happen next, but more on that later. I did think that there was adequate detail for the events that occurred and I could envision the events clearly. I also liked Giselle, I liked the development that she underwent, even if I thought she made some drastic jumps in choices, but given the circumstances and information available to here I don’t blame her in the least. I also liked Antione, he was the mental relief for me in this book. By that I mean I could always rely on him to be up front with Giselle even though you could tell that he was still holding information from her. I felt he interacted with Giselle the best out of every character in the novel and that he was probably the best character.
Ok, there are roller coasters that have highs and lows, twists and turns, excitement and heart break. ………. Not this one. This novel starts at the top of the lift hill and drops you, quite literally into a free fall for about 60%, gives you another hill to go up and you start to think, things may get better. Then after about 5-10% the bottom falls out worse than at the beginning. This is my main problem with the novel, Giselle is thrown from one bad situation to another with not one chance for her to make her own choice in anything save what happens at 60%, granted reading on my kindle so I can’t really give you a page number. One, like most I suppose, she is forced into becoming a vampire while under the “pretext” of choice. The same happens for her innocence, which made me very upset personally. Then she is forced to become a test tube for the vampires and sees how much of a traitor her “friend” was and is to her. She gets out when she learns that she can go home and you think things may start to look up for her. Nope, she is caught up in the drama again, after being home 24 hours. She then has one night to do what she wants and then is taken back to the vampire drama, where she is forced, again under the pretext of choice, do be a pawn in the vampire’s schemes. After that she tries to get out and be on her own and quite literally goes to hell, which she does escape to go back to a figurative hell. Then a random parallel world is thrown in with no real explanation as to why, and even there she is followed and attacked. The book ends with her being knocked out and probably kidnapped. So you see this plot does not let up for one second and that rubbed me the wrong way, granted it may not for others but I would have at least liked a little more of a light at the end of the tunnel ending. As for the characters, pretty much hated their guts by the end save for Giselle, Antione, Leonid, and Marc. Every other character is either a backstabber or just a devil with no real redeeming quality.
So I can’t say that you will not like this book, but I do believe that if you read this novel be ready for a very large drop that doesn’t really stop till the end.

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