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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Seraphina (Seraphina, #1)Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok this was one of the better Dragon books that i have read, I enjoyed the differences between the dragons and the humans, especially in their mentalities. The dragons are much more mathematical and scientific in their thinking, liking themselves to the great intellectuals of the world. The humans are on the other end of the spectrum, expressing a love for the arts and abstract ideals of philosophy. Granted when Seraphina begins to express those Dragon traits the reading does become tedious, and there are not that many action scenes early in the book to get you through the tediousness of the writing. That isn't to say that the writing is not rich with detail, but to me there needed to be more action in the early parts of the book to help the reader get into the action. But that may also be because the book plays out like a mystery in many ways as opposed to most fantasy novels where the villain is clearly seen from the beginning and the story is the build-up to the final conflict. So with that said, this was a very good mystery. It provided many twists and turns, some I did expect, some I didn't; and the ending twist was one that came out of left field, the author did a very good job of leading you away from the "culprit". Even though the reader has to assume that is the overall culprit of the murder before the start of the book, and is something that i may like to hear or read more about in the next book, though that seems unlikely as how this book ends.

Now for the characters, all of them work and blend together perfectly to tell this story and make it rich and real. Few of the characters are one dimensional and as such the reader can see the growth and development of the main characters through the story.

Of all the characters my favorite would have to be Lucian Kiggs, probably because he is the most like me: both intellectually as well as parentage. He is someone who is in the pursuit of truth, no matter how much it will hurt him to discover it. He is loyal to those that he loves and will do anything for them. With that said he does have his faults, that anyone in his place would make, as i have made many of them myself.

The main character that I did not like was Lady Corongi. maybe it was her elitist attitude or maybe there always seemed to be something wrong with her that caused me to not like her, but I did enjoy her final twist, and needless to say that made me very happy, but you will have to read the book to figure out what it is :).

Well that is all that i have, so I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dragon novels, but also i warn you that if you do not have a very very very orderly, scientific, logical mindset you may have trouble reading this novel.

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