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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dragon Fate

Sorry for the time between posts, will try to be more consistent Dragon FateDragon Fate by J.D. Hallowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would say this book is a 3.5. The reason for that is that it is a really good book, the characters are well developed and the interactions between the characters are awesome, but as for actual story there isn't much of one. I mean there is an overarching plot with some very good twists thrown in but at the same time the story did seem a little generic to me. Maybe i have just read too many dragon books, lol. This would be a very good book for the first Dragon book someone reads as there are many good ideas presented but for someone who is used to reading more detailed and innovative dragon novels I don't think it would be for you, but that is just my opinion. The characters work very well together, and I don't mean that in how they interact but in that their styles work together well. I do like the concept of magic that is presented even though it is a fairly common view of it, there are some new ideas that i liked, primarily the correlation between prayers and chants to magic. I do also like the writing style of the author, he allows the reader to get used to the characters slowly and learn with them. The downside to this is that the progression is fairly slow. The main action scenes of this book are well done even if they are typically short. The chapters of this book are short also, max being about 10 pages, that is no problem to me as it does keep the story flowing.

My favorite character in this book is definitely Delno and his dragon Geneva. They are both strong lead characters and they are very respectable individuals. I also like how Delno uses his brain over his brawn in many ways. I did like Rita, but that may just be that I am a guy, read the book to find out why. And on that topic there are actually none of those scenes but that fits this book, though the book does say that the scenes occur.

The characters i had the most contenpt for was definitely Brock. The main reason that I don't like Brock is that he assumes that Delno is as learned as he is in being a Rider while he tries to teach Delno to not assume anything. I just wish that this didn't come out in the book i wish that it had. I didn't like Simcha but i liked him more than Brock for the reason that he was for the most part logical in his actions, though his reasons are not logical at first their reasons are eventually shown.

So I would recommend this book to get people into dragon books but i am not sure how much i would recommend this for an avid dragon reader.

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