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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wolf Interview

Here is an Interview with Katie Ross, author of In a Wolf's Eyes, the book you can buy on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Wolfs-Eyes-Saga-Black-ebook/dp/B007XXQWZ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341074545&sr=8-1&keywords=In+a+Wolf%27s+Eyes   You can check my review of the book on my blog at : http://dragonslairbooks.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-wolfs-eyes-by.html

Now here is the interview

1.      What was the basis for your world: Being a history buff, I’ve always been enchanted with the sagas of medieval Europe, England especially. While feudalism isn’t and wasn’t the greatest system ever created, I sure found it fascinating. So my fantasy creation had to be built around feudal Europe of the early middle ages. There’s just so much that’s interesting, to me, of that time period and so much of actual history I might borrow and incorporate into my stories. I watched the History Channel avidly and jotted down notes, things that I might use that actually occurred, even if they weren’t medieval. We can learn so much from history, even if it plays into a fantasy story.
2.      What was the basis for your idea to do split POV: I wanted Ly’Tana to be an integral, and equal, partner in the story. My first efforts had Raine/Wolf the lead character, Ly’Tana second, and so on down the line. So many writers write from one POV, or third person narrative so they can bounce from one character to another. I tried a stint at writing from the third person and I found it awkward.  Thus, I wondered how I might actually make two characters first and foremost. Of course, at first, I worried, can I write in two different voices? My readers can say for certain, but I believe I spoke with two very different individuals with two individual personalities.
3.      Why do you think that method was more effective in telling the story: I believe it because then my readers will all find someone they like, and can identify with. They may like Raine/Wolf better. They may fall in love with Ly’Tana. I know that when I read, I like a character I can really feel for and with. This way, my readers get a look inside the heads of not one but two distinct personalities. They can see events from two different perspectives. Just like a shrink. Or a schizophrenic. ;-)
4.      Is a sequel in the works: Oh, you betcha. It even has a title, “To Catch a Wolf.” You can read an excerpt on my author website, www.akatierose.com. It should be out sometime next spring.
5.      There are many things that could be the title, what is your explanation for it: That’s a tough one. Since Raine/Wolf has some very unusual eyes, I wanted ‘eyes’ in the title. I obsessed over titles with ‘eyes’ in the name for months. I also have a thing for the eyes being the window to the soul quotation. Raine/Wolf essentially, to me, is the soul of the story, I finally settled on this one.

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