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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Second Prophesy

The Second Prophecy (The Dragdani prophecies part 1)The Second Prophecy by R. Alan Ferguson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Definitely not the best book in the world but it was good in many aspects. I felt that the author tried to do way too much in a limited amount of space. The beginning of the story felt very rushed when the first 50 pages could have been elaborated and made into a decent story all of its own. I also did not like the fact that the central plot was rushed at the beginning and then rarely talked about. Also the author has to skip and jump around a lot because of the rushing through the plot, at least it seems to me. So I guess the best way to describe this book is that it hits the highlights until the main character reaches 16, and then about half the book takes place in I would say about the week of the character's 16th birthday. And in that week the author is very focused on the main character, which is good, but i wanted to know what was going on with the other characters involved. I mean I know that they did not just disappear but only 2 are really ever mentioned. So I think in general a splitting of viewpoints could make this book a lot better, but that is just my opinion. The book did feel a little cliche to me, the reason is that (view spoiler)[ They rush the prophesy just to turn out that they were wrong. It seems like a bad way to do the book. A better way, in my opinion, would have been to show the training that John undertook, and have him fight at the end, even though he still wouldn't be ready. But then have it revealed that the prophesy was wrong and the next book focus on how the Wizards were going to make it right. (hide spoiler)]

I felt that this book took a lot of influence from both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but I don't think it did so in a good way. I mean the wands idea, even though key to many ideas of wizards, seems a little archaic, and a better way could have been thought of. I am not saying that the author is taking liberty with a concept just that I think a better idea could have been used, possibly creating their own magical style. Another aspect that i feel the author used that could have been redone is the categorizing of the main race of the story. I mean it was very bland and a little confusing. I didn't know if the author was talking about a mix between the races present or if it was a category of one of the races. Also as the story progressed I think a better name could have come about for the main character. The main reason for this is that the name made no sense, based on the history presented as well as the lineage of the character. I think that it was just a way for the author to explain some of the abilities that the character had. Now if the author made it to where the mother had some of the new race's blood in her then that would make more sense but the author never really touches that aspect of the story.

Also I felt that the ending left something to be desired as it was a major major cliff-hanger in my opinion. It could have been extended just a couple more chapters to at least tie up some loose ends, but that is just my opinion. Also, sorry to backtrack, there were a couple random tangent plot elements that I felt were not needed. I liked how the author used them, but I think there could have been better ways to accomplish what that story line did.

All in all I think this book could have used a lot more depth that was present and I hope that the author will be able to include some of the depth needed in the sequels.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review and I think your right about most of what you said here. This was my very first novel and I didn't really know a lot of what was needed. I'm working on the second part of the story right now and I will certainly take what you said here and try to do better. Also the reason that there were a few things that weren't really touched on in the first part is because I am saving them for the second ;)

    Thanks again,
    R. Alan Ferguson