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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sacred is Finished

Ok so I just finished the book. All in all it was good. I didn't love the love triangle that was formed because it was just ridiculous in some parts. It reminded me a lot of the Twilight love triangle, only the guys were of the same race not competing races.  Also the book took almost 85% to finally link the prologue into everything. The first person perspective was annoying, but the actions described worked well. The reason i didn't like the narration is that the action would jump back and forth way too much and I felt that I was missing details that were in between the lines. The book was slow for the most part with the main action being PG13 make out scenes, not that I am putting them down the level was appropriate for the characters and audience. I felt that if there was more of background fighting between the races present then the book would have flowed much better and faster. I think that female readers will enjoy this book more than male readers would, simply because there isn't that much action and the romantic scenes are not that exciting (sorry coming from a guy here so this is just what I think) though they are appropriate.  A good book to pick up but I can't guarantee you will like it.

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  1. I really like this review! Tells me what I needed to know, thanks.

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